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Your feedback is important to us! Thank you for taking a minute to tell the world what it is like to interact with our MediLink RxCare family. Below are links to leave us reviews on Google for our Hammonton and Voorhees locations, as well as a link to leave us a Facebook review. We appreciate you and your business!

What Our Customers Say…

Very professional and pleasant staff.  Always a pleasure to see the employees

-Voorhees, NJ

Our relationship with Dr. Judith Lightfoot, DO, FACOI, grounded in trust, loyalty and friendship, is one of our most valued physician relationships. Dr. Lightfoot is a world-renowned infectious disease physician and the Program Director of the Rowan SOM Internal Medicine program. She trusts MediLink RxCare to be her preferred pharmacy partner to manage her patients’ most complicated medication regimens.⁣


-Dr. Judith Lightfoot, DO, FACOI – Stratford, NJ

Always very helpful – especially with home delivery throughout COVID.

-Voorhees, NJ

Best service ever! My family pharmacy.

-Cinnaminson, NJ

The absolute best experience for not only the office staff but also our patients! Communication is fast and efficient and our patients rave about the phenomenal care that they receive.


-Cooper University Health Care Neurological Institute – Camden, NJ

Staff is exceptionally helpful and friendly.

-Hammonton, NJ

The team here always goes above and beyond. I adore them!

-Lumberton, NJ

Very good experience. Employees are the best… I call them family.

-Pennsauken, NJ

It has been a joy working with the staff at MediLink RxCare. Every question or concern that I may have is handled promptly. I have only positive things to say about the company!


-Hackensack Meridian Infectious Disease – Neptune, NJ

Love MediLink! Always good service.

-Clementon, NJ